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Burger King Offer Overwhelms French Twitter User

Burger King Offer Overwhelms French Twitter User

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A Lille resident’s joke left her on the hook for hundreds of meals

A French Twitter user accidentally offered free Burger King meals to hundreds of people.

A joke about an impending Burger King got a little out of hand for one Twitter user last week, when she found herself accidentally offering free meals to hundreds of people.

According to The Local, at the end of October a Twitter user going by the name Vanoukia wrote, “When there’s a Burger King in Lille, I’ll treat you all to a meal.” At the time, she evidently thought it was unlikely that Burger King would open a restaurant in her city, which is located in the north of France. But this week Burger King announced that it would be doing just that. Not only was it opening a restaurant, but the new Burger King’s location is currently hidden behind a large red tarp that has been printed with a screenshot of Vanoukia’s Tweet.

“Dear @Vanoukia, luckily no one has printed your tweet on a tarp,” the tarp says.

Et heureusement que personne ne retweetera cette photo @vanoukia .

— Burger King France (@BurgerKingFR) December 31, 2014

And then Burger King France posted a photo of the tarp on Twitter, writing, “And luckily no one has retweeted this photo.”

That photo was retweeted more than 6,500 times, and hundreds of people reportedly started tweeting their orders to Vanoukia.

Vanoukia has since deleted the original offer, and says she’s learned her lesson about offering Internet people free meals. Luckily it does not seem like anyone really expects her to pay up on her ill-planned offer.

“Next time I won’t tweet any silly things,” Vanoukia posted.

Burger King selling Snack Box feast for just $2: 'We miss you'

Woman praises Burger King employee for helping family out of car in pouring rain

That’s how you treat customers like royalty.

Burger King is serving up a feast for just $2.

The Miami-based fast-food chain’s Snack Box, which features 10 chicken nuggets, a medium fries, a cheeseburger and a small soft drink is currently being offered up to fast-foodies for only $2, and plenty of fans still appear to be in disbelief.

Burger King's Snack Box selling for $2. (Burger King)

On Tuesday, Burger King announced the deal for users of the Burger King app, allowing them to get the Snack Box — which sells for $3, according to the Burger King website — for whole dollar less.

The offer can be redeemed by any app user that hasn’t been active in at least 90 days, BK confirmed to Fox News.

The burger chain tweeted out an image of the Snack Box $2 offer on Tuesday, captioning it, “We Miss You.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for food fans to devour the meal offer fit for a king on social media — with some even in disbelief of the discount food deal.

“It’s no way Burger King is a real place,” one user quipped on Twitter.

Meanwhile, fast-food fans seem to be hungry for deals these days. McDonald's recently teamed up for a meal deal with rapper Travis Scott, and the resulting collaboration led to an nationwide ingredient shortage last week. And earlier this year, Wendy's handed out free chicken nuggets as part of a promotion to satiate customers during the early stages of the pandemic, when some of the chain's restaurants were closed for indoor dining.

Burger King's Frozen Classic Lemonade was a summery vibe

A cold glass of lemonade is a quintessential hot weather item. It, therefore, makes sense that Foodbeast publicized Burger King's version during the summer of 2012. It was called the Frozen Lemonade, and this drink apparently had a sweet yet sour flavor. They additionally released a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade for good measure.

A bunch of folks on Twitter seemed to take to this beverage. One user declared that Burger King's Frozen Lemonades were better than MacDonald's. Another said, "When the Burger King lady tells you that they stopped frozen lemonade because summers over." This text was followed by a single thumbs down emoji.

This drink sounds like a holiday resort on a tropical island, so it should at least be brought back for the summertime. But if we're honest, it should be a permanent item on the menu. That's right — sometimes you even need a frozen glass on a cold winter night.

We tested french fries from McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A to see who does it best — and the winner surprised us

July 13 is National French Fry Day, a necessary and important day to reflect on the ubiquitous yet humble golden star of the fast-food world. The perfect fry is starchy and crispy and a sturdy vehicle for our favorite vegetable: ketchup. Their acceptance in American cuisine is far-reaching: The french fry can be a gas-station grab-and-go or a gourmet delight.

Burger King, Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, and Wendy's — the fast-food giants — all offer signature takes on the classic food. McDonald's fries have had the same signature taste for years, while Burger King and Wendy's have changed their recipes in recent times. And Chick-fil-A's distinct waffle variation holds a fierce cult following.

But which has truly mastered the art of the fryolator? We set out to discover who makes the best fries.

Twitter reacts to Burger King’s new ‘fake burger’

Burger King Japan announced on Oct. 23 that some of its locations would start selling a mysterious “fake burger” for only two weeks. Now, it’s been confirmed that it’s not a burger at all — it’s just a pile of French fries smushed between two buns.

The “burger” is called a chip butty and Burger King is no stranger to the trend. Chip butties are very popular as a cheap sandwich option around the U.K.

The “fake burger” is made with layers of thick French fries, topped with “meat sauce” — minced beef and mayonnaise — and a sesame seed bun. It can also come in a meal with a side of fries (in case you didn’t have enough) and a drink.

Naturally, Burger King fans on Twitter had a lot to say about this “fake burger,” including people who were annoyed the meal wasn’t entirely meat-free.

It’s the new Burger King “fake burger”. And yes, it’s chips. In a bun. With meat sauce because vegetarians are Not. A. Thing.

Also, yes, I had chips on the side too. Because it’s a set, y’know?

“I’m always amazed the chip butty is actually a thing,” one person tweeted. “It’s like putting another piece of bread between [two] pieces of other bread and saying look I made a sandwich.”

burger king japan has discovered the chip butty

&mdash sam byford (@345triangle) October 23, 2020

Burger King has been in the news a lot recently, particularly for its over-the-top marketing stunts.

In addition to campaigning for a Michelin Star, the franchise’s locations in Sweden and Denmark pulled a creepy stunt for Halloween, where customers who visited the restroom could say “canceled clown” three times in the mirror and see a vision of the former McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald.

Jeep Joins Burger King in Getting Twitter Hacked

A second corporate victim of Twitter hacking surfaced Tuesday when users of the site saw Jeep's account suddenly announce the firm had been "sold to Cadillac," and point to an image of an imaginary Jeep "CEO" appearing to smoke drugs out of a lightbulb.

The hack was the second of a major Twitter brand account in as many days—Burger King's account had announced Monday that the fast food chain was sold to McDonalds "because the whopper flopped."

Burger King has since restored its account, reinserting its blue, red and yellow logo and more mundane tweets on topics like BK Chicken Nuggets. The account posted that while it had been an "interesting" Monday it hoped its hundreds of thousands of followers would stick around.

Later on Tuesday afternoon, Jeep's account—which also boasts more than 100,000 followers—had deleted the tweets and fixed its image and description. Jeep then posted the following tweet: "Hacking: Definitely not a #Jeep thing. We're back in the driver's seat!"

Both the Burger King and Jeep hacks included the hashtag #OpMadCow, though it wasn't immediately clear who was responsible in either case. The Burger King tweets included the nickname @DFNCTSC, which is a reference to the hacking group Defonic Team Screen Name Club, best known for breaking into Paris Hilton's Sidekick and posting her photos.

HURRY: Here's Where You Can Get Free Fries On National French Fry Day

My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of fries for free!

Friday the 13th doesn't seem so scary when free fries are involved. Here are all the fast food spots and restaurants giving out spuds for free &mdash or on the cheap &mdash in honor of National French Fry Day.

Order anything in-store at BurgerFi &mdash a cheeseburger, a shake, a hot dog &mdash and get a free carton of hand-cut fries, too.

A coupon on the chain's app offers two small orders of fries and two Original Chicken Sandwiches for $4.99.

If you sign up for the Carl's Jr. email newsletter, you'll get a coupon for a free small fry and drink with any $6 burger order.

These "fries" are actually cinnamon sugar croissant sticks &mdash but they're free for the first 100 guests who come in to these 25 participating locations between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today.

All it takes to get a free medium order of fries at McDonald's is a $1 order through the chain's app.

Red Robin's ongoing deal is especially apropos on National French Fry Day: Five of the restaurant's burgers come with free bottomless steak fries.

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries returned to stores yesterday. While The Bell isn't actually offering any deals on them (sorry), the comeback is gift enough.

Any burger or sandwich purchased here today comes with bottomless fries.

Wingstop has an eClub, and when you sign up, you'll get a complimentary order of fries &mdash size large!

Perhaps the king of all food hybrids, the turducken combines a turkey, chicken, and a duck for your Thanksgiving feast.

When you can't decide on which type of poultry to serve up for your Thanksgiving dinner, consider all three! The "turducken" — a weirdly delicious combination of turkey, duck, and chicken — can be a little time-consuming, but fans of the dish say it's well worth it.

Basically a chicken stuffed inside a duck that's then stuffed inside a turkey, and the layers of meat are separated by stuffing, this rich and delicious dish is perfect for poultry-lovers of all kinds.

1. Is the cause related to the brand’s core mission?

Mental health is clearly not tied to Burger King’s core brand, as noted by these Twitter replies:

Out of curiosity, I looked at Burger King’s website to see what it said its mission was. I spotted this sentence: “Our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.”

That’s a great mission. But for the cause to qualify as being tied to this mission, it would need to relate to fostering an environment where premium ingredients can be used or perhaps evolving their locations to be more family friendly.

Instead, Burger King made the interesting choice to go with mental health. I agree it’s a critically important issue (and one near and dear to my heart), but as many consumers called out, it’s an odd conversation for a fast food restaurant to insert itself into, especially since emotional eating is a thing.

Enjoy french fries for dessert with Burger King's latest wacky creation

Next time your taste buds are tingling for a sweet treat and a large fry, Burger King hopes you’ll combine the craving with their newest menu offering: funnel cake fries.

If Jenna Dewan's french fry birthday cake was any indication, 2019 promises to be another year of creative culinary combos. The burger giant announced Wednesday that starting Thursday, Jan. 24, customers can indulge in a revamped version of a classic carnival treat.

“The fries will have all of the tasty aspects you love about funnel cake: hot, crispy, and topped off with powdered sugar, but in french fry form,” a company representative told TODAY Food.

This product launch actually marks the second time funnel cake fries have hit Burger King’s menu. Back in 2009, the chain offered the sweet fritters in nine-fry servings at $1.79 for a few weeks.

When the powdered, crispy, golden goodness floated off the menu, a crowd of Twitter users rallied around the treat and begged for its return.

Remember Burger King used to have funnel cake fries I wish I had some right now

— ® (@Rooossseee__) October 15, 2016

If Burger King still had those funnel cake sticks I would be a very happy girl

— Jenelle (@jenelle_e) January 30, 2014

1 am thoughts: why did @BurgerKing ever get rid of their funnel cake fries

— megan (@megan_mackkk) October 18, 2016

Just two weeks ago, another Burger King lover tweeted, "I will never stop thinking about when Burger King had funnel cake sticks." And just like magic, the king heard the cry over social media. Ten years later, the sweet fries are back and cost $1.99 per carton.

Burger King's innovation certainly isn't the first (and it won't be the last) fast-food mashup to hit restaurants.

Over the summer, Froot Loops teamed up with fast food giants Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s to create the Froot Loop mini doughnut. Similarly, Krispy Kreme dreamt up some cookie-flavored donuts last April.

And back in 2016, Dunkin’ introduced Donut Fries to the world. They were basically deep-fried, sugar-coated doughnut sticks (read: churros) that came in bags of five.

The sweet Dunkin’ fries didn’t last long — and neither will Burger King's offer. According to the fast food chain, this dessert fry is only available for a limited time.

Watch the video: Burger King Myers I Want to Die (August 2022).