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Test Your Relationship with Hill Country Brooklyn’s Valentine’s Day Sausage-Making Class

Test Your Relationship with Hill Country Brooklyn’s Valentine’s Day Sausage-Making Class

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If you and your partner are serious about barbecue, this is an important test of endurance

"Flowers will wilt in due time, but sausage making skills last forever," said a representative for Hill Country.

This Valentine’s Day, Hill Country Brooklyn is offering a sausage-making class with pitmaster Ash Fulk, who will guide couples through the entire process of making sausages.

Guests will be taught how to choose the right cuts of meat, mix the right spices together, and case the sausage.

Finally, chef Fulk will teach guests how to make sausage’s mate, mustard. Participants will be able to sample a variety of sausages throughout the class, and there will be plenty of Shiner beer to enjoy while couples and singles alike get to know their sausage.

All guests will be able to take their handmade sausages and mustard home as an edible testament to how you and your partner work as a team. It’s not a competition, but then again, everything’s a competition.

Sausage Making 101 with Ash Fulk will take place on Saturday, February 14 from 2 to 4 p.m. Tickets are $40 for singles and $75 for couples.

Test Your Relationship with Hill Country Brooklyn’s Valentine’s Day Sausage-Making Class - Recipes

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